1)   The receiver signal is not displayed (display "00")
      Possible causes: broken wire, missing ground connection
      => check the wiring, if separate batteries for POWER SPARK and receiver are used, the negative poles
           of both batteries must be clamped together. => see p.12

 2)   Engine does not start, no display of speed at startup
      Possible causes: broken wire / defect speed sensor
       => check the correct function of the speed sensor system using the menu item "CS" => see p.38

 3)   Sparking at the speed sensor
       Possible cause: insufficient ground connection at the engine => see 4a) 

4)   Engine does not run smoothly / stutters //
display shows insteady engine speeds //
display shows “8.8.” and engine stops suddenly

Possible causes:

insufficient ground connection at the engine => see p.11,p.12
     => check the continuity of the ground connection from the battery minus to the spark plug. The current
          induced into the spark plug must be able to flow unhindered through the cylinder head / engine
          housing to the battery minus pole. A connection of the battery minus pole as close as possible to
          the thread of the spark plug is to be preferred. Anodized parts or insulating paper seals etc. can
          make the current flow more difficult or completely prevent it. By means of a suitable screw
          connection, ensure that a low-resistance electrically conductive connection exists
          (=> measure with a multimeter, the resistance should be less than 1 Ohm)

wrong ignition coil => see p.13
  spark plugs without resistor => see p.13
d)  ignition coil too close to sensor => see p.5e)  unfavorable cable routing => see p.5

 5)   Engine does not reach high speeds
Possible causes:
       a)  speed limiter active => increase speed limiter value p.32
       b)  insufficient ground connection of engine => see 4a) above
wrong ignition energy selected => see p.35
 excessive pre-ignition angle at high speeds => decrease pre-ignition see p.27

  6)   No noticable effect of custom ignition maps
        Possible causes: => Reinitialization of maps required, see below "known errors ..."


Errors in the manual and in software
   affects all software versions from 2.0
   update of custom map after parameter change
       If a custom ignition map is used (selection by menu "C-") and then a custom ignition map is created
       or displayed in the menu "Cc", the map will be stored correctly. However a takeover of the changed map
       into the running operation will be only performed after (re-)selecting the map in the menu "C-".

       Additional information in the operating instructions
       After a parameter of the custom map has been changed, the map has to be reinitialized. To do this,
       select the "C-" map menu again and (re-)select the custom map (10..14).

  ■  Override of ignition map "0" after parameter change / display of custom map
(bug in software)
       If the ignition map "0" is active and afterwards custom maps are changed / viewed, the changed   
       parameters of the custom map will be taken for the running operation instead of the parameters from
       map "0". 

       If ignition map "0" is selected and custom maps are changed, the ignition map "0" must be reselected
       in the "C-" menu.




1)  only versions with RC-receiver supervision RC-i x2x
2)  only multiple cylinder versions
RC-i 2xx, RC-i 4xx 
3)  s
upply voltage should be at least 9V when running multiple cylinder versions with speeds (>20000rpm)


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