Die POWER SPARK uniquely combines numerous performance, comfort and safety functions in one product.
Enthusiasts and Racers around the world trust in our products and our expertise.



 ■ more power with adaptable ignition maps

       The following figures show test measurements of a modified 26cc gasoline engine with POWER SPARK ignition.
       Between the measurements no changes at engine, exhaust system, test rig, etc. have been performed.

       more measurement will follow




  POWER SPARK with "map 1", similar to original Zenoah CDI
  ■ horizontal axis:     speed [6000..20000rpm]      
  ■ vertical axis:         power [0..8 PS]     cyan
  ■ vertical axis:         torque [0..8 Nm]    green    

  POWER SPARK with individual adapted igntition map by customer
  ■ horizontal axis:     speed  [5000..20000rpm]      
  ■ vertical axis:         power  [0..8 PS]     green
  ■ vertical axis:         torque  [0..8 Nm]    blue   

The measurements were kindly shared by Johan Draijer (NL) for publication.


  use in the FSR-V racing scene

       Unser Partner MATHO-powertrain und wir liefern Motor und Zündung für den FSR-V Fahrer Michael Willimsky (D)


  FSR-V use with POWER SPARK RC-i 100 and ZUE-KIT 3


  use in RAT HOUSE demonstrator (4-cylinder based on RCMK)

       demonstrator boat of our partner Thomas Marx (D)


  POWER SPARK RC-i 420 and ZUE-KIT 2


  use with Quickdraw 25ccm

       powerboat of our australian customer Ian Inverarity

  Quickdraw 25ccm with POWER SPARK RC-i 120 and ZUE-KIT 1


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